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Half Marathon Relay

Want to be part of the excitement of a half marathon, but would prefer not to run the full 13.1 miles? You can! Find a friend and form a half marathon relay TEAM. Relay teams may be all male, all female or mixed gender.

Your relay experience will be as competitive as your team makes it. Rally your team to battle other teams for first place! Or choose to take full advantage of the course time limit. The course closes at 11:30 giving runners an 18:19 pace. Competitive or not, complete the half marathon distance as a team.


How it works: Only one team member runs at a time. The first runner will ride the bus to the starting line with the half marathon runners. Runner #2 will have a separate bus to take them to the exchange point. Runner #1 will make their way to the exchange point where runner #2 will be waiting.When all relay runners have exchanged with their team, the bus will take off to Lansing to meet up at the finish.

Course Map











Half Marathon Relay

Nov. 15 - Dec. 3           $75    

Dec. 4 - May 31           $100      

June 1 - Sept. 20          $120    

Sept. 21 - Race Day     $140

Please note that September 20th is the cut-off date to guarantee a race shirt.

RACE DAY REGISTRATION: will be inside the Lansing Fire/EMS Department. Please note, registering after the September 20th cut-off date does not guarantee runners a shirt of their size preference, if at all.

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